Absence of Casualties

July 2019

A pattern collection investigating the space we create for emotions and the power of words to protect, conceal and hurt. 

Patterns created in Photoshop from scanned journal entries and word collage

June 2019

A pattern collection inspired by Hardeeville, SC

Created in Photoshop from water color and gouache paintings 

February 2019

A pattern collection inspired by childhood summers spent in Las Cruces, NM at my grandparents house. Floral motifs drawn from my grandmother's garden and the cactus field behind the fence.

Created in Photoshop from hand-painted and digitally drawn motifs


February 2019

A carpet design for a hotel ballroom. It is meant to encapsulate the private, yet shared nature of hotels. Hotel rooms host the  most intimate actions: sleeping, talking, bathing, sex. They seem like an escape from the outside world, however, they are only separated by thin walls. Fluid motifs paired with cell-like shapes embody this duality.

Created in Photoshop using water-color and digitally drawn motifs.

Landscape Library

January 2019

A digital swatch collection inspired by winters in my hometown, Birmingham Alabama. 

Color story: a fleece blanket, streets silvered by rain, soy milk in my coffee

Created in Photoshop using hand-painted and digital motifs and collage