The Politics of Fashion

Fashion fell into extreme partisanship last Friday after Hedi Slimane’s debut as creative director of coveted fashion brand Celine.

Fashion conservatism is the only way to describe the ideals of Slimane’s Celine, beginning with his choice to drop the accent on Céline to pay homage to the original logo created in the 60s. The small, yet seemingly drastic, change left the fashion community divided but universally eager for Slimane’s next move.

The entire industry held its breath as the first look hit the runway. The result left no sighs of relief, only more gasps for air. Puffy sleeves, slim suits, sequins and leather— we’ve seen it all before at Saint Laurent and before that at Dior Homme. The enigmatic designer possesses an unwavering vision that airs on stubborn traditionalism. This goes not only for the clothes themselves but the message communicated through them... read more

Words by Kat Sours

Visual by Max Condon

For the SCAD Manor

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