My Poetic Soul: October (+life update)


So many times

You’ll expose your soul

And wait for the world

But it keeps going

And reads poetry

Like a Sunday paper

So when it all

Seems like too much

Keep going

But when that

Seems like too much

The world is not enough

Maybe Just Live

One day I think I’ll realize that all my words were just vomit of poetic bullshit

Just a prescription to remedy my life

It was just just just....

I say it too much

But maybe maybe maybe

My brain will just stop

I’ll get to...

Just live

Maybe just live.

My Favorite Poems

I want to read every page

To infinity

I want to press the text

Onto my skin

I want to tattoo my soul

So the words bleed into my veins

And maybe then I’ll reach

A full



-my favorite poems

The Professor

I told her my story

And she looked at me

Tears in her eyes

Eyes of a woman

Who holds the universe

In her mind

She whispered

“That’s art”

-the greatest compliment

Coffee Shop Thoughts

Sitting alone

I’ve done it a lot lately

Watching people watch each other

We’re all looking at the same things

With different eyes

The same chemicals

With different minds


The pain the world has to offer

I feel it in my chest

Seeping into my gut

The love the world has to offer

I feel it in my mind

Seeping into my eyes


Those are tears


When did she grow up

When did she just know

Then unknow


All at once