My Poetic Soul: September

October 2, 2017




Before Leaving 8/22/17


I could've grown up and been normal

I think I could've done it

Saved myself the despair

Of Being aware


I look at people

Their new lives

Just extensions of the old

Masks of the same mold


It's all I rejected

And sometimes

Wanting to be accepted

Seems like a choice


Lacoste Sunrise 8/26/17 


There's a Specific type of beauty

Granted by the sky

In anticipation of the sun


Full and blue in the body

Slivers of orange

Peaking over the mountain top


Revealing softer shades of blue

Distinct lines of pink and purple

Small enough to separate

The first sight of yellow


The sweet song in stillness

Giddiness in waiting

Thinking about today

And then tomorrow


But in the now

Looking with my eyes

The sun rises with my soul


Reflections 9/12/17


I learned to heal a heart 

With simple tears

And a Fleetwood Mac song


The girl I was 

I wrap her in my arms

Whisper reassurances 


Because now


All the things that felt like everything were nothing but everything that brought her to this point of self awareness and acceptance and love and that being vulnerable is the most



thing she could've experienced


The pain

The rejection

The isolation




Thick Paint 9/16/17


There's nothing more intimate

Than moments you share

With a past self

Cradling your soul

Nurturing pain until it becomes self love


Find compassion for every person

You've ever been

Every life

You've ever lived

How and who

You've loved


You must love them in full

Not liking every part

But accepting them 

Like layers of thick paint

That make a masterpiece



Stream of Consciousness


Trust yourself. It makes knowing who else to trust. So much easier


True generosity:

give what you can give

do what you can do

like there's no tomorrow


If love is love

Then love is love


Be coffee.

Turn boiling water

And dust

Into something incredible


I remember when my biggest fear

Was that a boy didn't love me

Now I realize

It was so much more than that



Is a day in the life








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