“Personal. Public” encapsulates the private, yet shared nature of hotels. Hotel rooms host the most intimate actions: sleeping, talking, washing. They feel like an escape from the outside world, however, they are only separated by a thin walls. Fluid motifs paired with cell-like shapes in “Personal. Public” capture this duality. Elongated shapes encourage movement and connection, while more stagnated ones mimic separation. The organic and overlapping shapes in the pre-function area symbolize the rotation of people in and out of public spaces. Dusty oranges and pinks evoke warmth, while earthy greens conjure feelings of growth and life. Analogous pinks and peach tones are a predicted trend for interiors in 2019, along with a shift towards muted greens. The juxtaposition of warm and cool serves as a metaphor for the dual nature of “Personal. Public.” The design and color choice encourage guests to interact, while also celebrating solitude.