Glitter Picnic

November 2019

Pull back the rhinestone-covered banana peel of the new decade and prepare to feast your eyes on the fashion of the future. It exists right at your fingertips. Never before have trends been more transient. They’re asynchronous, they’re ever-changing, they are of a new generation. “Glitter Picnic” explores the concept of a world so overrun with trends that it becomes essentially trendless. This space exists in the miraculous world of camp and celebrates absurd, yet splendid abundance. Because why have normal picnic when you can have a glitter picnic?

Concept, Styling and Production by Kat Sours and Nicholson Baird

Words by Kat Sours

Makeup by Taylor Petrone

Photos by Allison Revelle 

Videography and Editing by Jordan Tenanbaum

Talent by Shiloh, Bethany, Abby, Mary, Brady